i really don’t understand supreme sometimes

like the shit they get away with selling to people, MEN for that matter.
so here is a fall 2012 supreme sweater (note: FOR MEN)

and here’s your typical Betsey Johnson (RIP) floral pattern that she uses repetitively on all her designs for decades:

like wtf. u think a guy ever thought about wearing a floral fucking sweater before? nope. but supreme makes one, so now: yup.

i do, however really want this jacket with original artwork by mark gonzales on the back:

and while i’m @ it, dis too:


license to ILL

it’s always sad when someone from an influential band has died. Although licensed to ill came out when i was born (tehehe) i still remember listening to it a lot in my elementary school years..


but on another note…is it just me or does the shirt here:

  look like this jacket here:


All the boys be going nuts for the Supreme new line to drop (which was actually today). It’s funny for me to think that guys go crazy over fashion, acting like girls, or me. Ha. I have to give them credit that at least they are caring about what they wear and are making a decent effort to not look like a bum. One of my friend’s in NY posted a pic on instagram today of the line around the block before the store opened.

boys are fucking crazy.

these are my favorite items from this season that i would like to own:

when all my friends get their supreme stuff im just gonna steal it from them and wear it. It can be styled for women in such ways as this:

i am well aware i need to calm down on dressing like a fucking tomboy all the time, but whatever.