dino jr nike bebez

these shoes are so old. and im actually trying to downsize my sneaker collection by 75%, but i think these shoes are even cooler now, then when they came out!! they are still about $100 on ebay used. which is still a lot of money if you ask me, considering they aren’t in new condition. but whatever, my search will still continue. (PS i need them in a men’s 7.5 or 8)

HOWEVER, whilst looking for said shoes…i was lucky enough to stumble upon these amzing beauties:

these just may in fact be the most insanely awesome knock-off bootleg shoes ever made.

they are on sale for $100 from $200, which is still way too much money for anything that is fake. but still!!! if someone gave these to me, or they were available for about $50 id buy them in a heartbeat.