license to ILL

it’s always sad when someone from an influential band has died. Although licensed to ill came out when i was born (tehehe) i still remember listening to it a lot in my elementary school years..


but on another note…is it just me or does the shirt here:

  look like this jacket here:



so~~~~~~~~~ i have been updating my tumblr an insane amount the past two months. a couple snippet posts everyday. it’s basically a log for me to keep track of all my daily pictures and things that run through my head. so follow it i guess if u want

im working on a couple side projects also with some of my friends. they are slightly secretive, but whatever.

ANYWAYS… here is some random stuff i found of interest. these days all i wear really are boys’ clothes/menswear, but not in the way that butch chola lesbians wear them. i wear them more like a girlie tomboy. if that makes any sense whatsoever. beanies, button-ups, snapbacks, silk bandanas, and wedges are all in my main rotation. what i would ideally like to do is get into “brooks brothers” and embrace my inner sophisticated yuppie. i feel as though if i dressed more preppy all the time (i.e. outside of work) i could really make a statement. all the designer clothes and trends that are popular right now are really played out. things that were once cutting edge are now trite and copied at forever21. i don’t want to do what i used to do when i went through mainstream designer backlash and shop only at thrift stores, because i tend to go overboard and overbuy things i dont need or fit right and it starts to make my closet junky. i want to stick to basics. i pretty much wear the same things over and over for a week at a time anyway. whatever. my friend sent me this pic of a girl wearing a ridiculously oversized reebok jersey and im pretty sure it was bootleg printed on it  “celine” and altered at the hemline to look like a dress. that’s what im into. ok whatever, im tired. im making no sense right now………………..

these iphone cases are *lawl* from opening ceremony

they are $45 on oc’s website. kinda cool/kinda dumb. can’t really decipher

i want one of these selvedge chambray supreme shirts to wear neatly ironed and buttoned up with my jeans and obnoxious heels~~~not sneakers:

blonde hair:

i’ve been wanting blonde hair for a long time. i think the next couple months may be time to take the plunge. whatever


ok ok. this post was dumb but i dont care cuz no one reads this *lol* but fer serious i am trying to resurrect slob on my blog.

more posts to come……………….. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! =)


why do people act like they are so thought-provoking on tumbler. i mean, yo dude. it’s TUMBLER. this ain’t no livejournal heaux. if u want to go that route with ur style of writing, that’s fine. i actually like a couple blogs where people right about weird shit going on in their life, but thats the whole content of their blog. i cant take u seriously if u have emo scripts posted in between bootleg gifs of bart simpson dancing to based god.

also, what is up with people who call their tumbler a blog when there is no original content on it, whatsoever. yes, those tumblers are cool to follow for visual stimulation, but i wouldn’t go around telling people you have some tight blawg when all u contribute is stolen images.

im not mad, –im jussayin-

my tumbler is a joke, i have no followers~ i don’t care.

it is just a way for me to keep track of things i like or do. more personal than slobonmyblog

ebay finds of the awesomest

These are more ridiculous then I remembered. I first saw these at a Walmart in Denver 5 years ago. They are lucite kitten heel thongs THAT LIGHT UP.  so sick!!!

Next is this SICKER THAN WORDS Tommy Gear maxi dress that is even more ridiculous because it’s bootleg! Look at the label and it’s not even Tommy!!!! I NEED THIS NOW.

Hand knitted Mohair dress thing. SO RAD. I would wear this with crazy high heel platforms.  My friend says it looks like krampus wear, you know, that mythological santa beast from Europe. Too bad it is $300 in US currency 😦


Beavis and Butthead boxer shorts. I want them to wear with tights and a nice blouse.



All the boys be going nuts for the Supreme new line to drop (which was actually today). It’s funny for me to think that guys go crazy over fashion, acting like girls, or me. Ha. I have to give them credit that at least they are caring about what they wear and are making a decent effort to not look like a bum. One of my friend’s in NY posted a pic on instagram today of the line around the block before the store opened.

boys are fucking crazy.

these are my favorite items from this season that i would like to own:

when all my friends get their supreme stuff im just gonna steal it from them and wear it. It can be styled for women in such ways as this:

i am well aware i need to calm down on dressing like a fucking tomboy all the time, but whatever.