i really don’t understand supreme sometimes

like the shit they get away with selling to people, MEN for that matter.
so here is a fall 2012 supreme sweater (note: FOR MEN)

and here’s your typical Betsey Johnson (RIP) floral pattern that she uses repetitively on all her designs for decades:

like wtf. u think a guy ever thought about wearing a floral fucking sweater before? nope. but supreme makes one, so now: yup.

i do, however really want this jacket with original artwork by mark gonzales on the back:

and while i’m @ it, dis too:


One thought on “i really don’t understand supreme sometimes

  1. what pisses me off about the hypnotize minds shirt is that the logo is in the back. its total slap in the face to hypnotize minds fans whose been wanting a decent hcp shirt for a while and they ruin it by putting the logo on the fucking back

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