so~~~~~~~~~ i have been updating my tumblr an insane amount the past two months. a couple snippet posts everyday. it’s basically a log for me to keep track of all my daily pictures and things that run through my head. so follow it i guess if u want

im working on a couple side projects also with some of my friends. they are slightly secretive, but whatever.

ANYWAYS… here is some random stuff i found of interest. these days all i wear really are boys’ clothes/menswear, but not in the way that butch chola lesbians wear them. i wear them more like a girlie tomboy. if that makes any sense whatsoever. beanies, button-ups, snapbacks, silk bandanas, and wedges are all in my main rotation. what i would ideally like to do is get into “brooks brothers” and embrace my inner sophisticated yuppie. i feel as though if i dressed more preppy all the time (i.e. outside of work) i could really make a statement. all the designer clothes and trends that are popular right now are really played out. things that were once cutting edge are now trite and copied at forever21. i don’t want to do what i used to do when i went through mainstream designer backlash and shop only at thrift stores, because i tend to go overboard and overbuy things i dont need or fit right and it starts to make my closet junky. i want to stick to basics. i pretty much wear the same things over and over for a week at a time anyway. whatever. my friend sent me this pic of a girl wearing a ridiculously oversized reebok jersey and im pretty sure it was bootleg printed on it  “celine” and altered at the hemline to look like a dress. that’s what im into. ok whatever, im tired. im making no sense right now………………..

these iphone cases are *lawl* from opening ceremony

they are $45 on oc’s website. kinda cool/kinda dumb. can’t really decipher

i want one of these selvedge chambray supreme shirts to wear neatly ironed and buttoned up with my jeans and obnoxious heels~~~not sneakers:

blonde hair:

i’ve been wanting blonde hair for a long time. i think the next couple months may be time to take the plunge. whatever


ok ok. this post was dumb but i dont care cuz no one reads this *lol* but fer serious i am trying to resurrect slob on my blog.

more posts to come……………….. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! =)


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