why do people act like they are so thought-provoking on tumbler. i mean, yo dude. it’s TUMBLER. this ain’t no livejournal heaux. if u want to go that route with ur style of writing, that’s fine. i actually like a couple blogs where people right about weird shit going on in their life, but thats the whole content of their blog. i cant take u seriously if u have emo scripts posted in between bootleg gifs of bart simpson dancing to based god.

also, what is up with people who call their tumbler a blog when there is no original content on it, whatsoever. yes, those tumblers are cool to follow for visual stimulation, but i wouldn’t go around telling people you have some tight blawg when all u contribute is stolen images.

im not mad, –im jussayin-

my tumbler is a joke, i have no followers~ i don’t care.

it is just a way for me to keep track of things i like or do. more personal than slobonmyblog


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