lush show in august at Fifty24 SF

oh don’t mind me, this post is only 6 months old. whoops. somehow i never got around to posting my documentation of the Lush show at Fifty24 SF’s gallery (upper playground). I probably never would have got around to posting this if my friend didn’t tell me today he saw my pic on Lush’s blog today and it reminded me to do this. Haha. Okay, anyways….here it go—–>

In case you didn’t know Lush is a graffiti artist (from Australia i believe?) Anyways, the whole concept of the show was that he was just in fact a graffiti artist. So he thought he’d do something fun and have a real life installation of strippers of SF’s own Lusty Lady. It was crazy. there were little peep show booths you could go into to see the spectacle. There were also cut-out pictures u could pose with of Female genitalia.

sarah and eric victorino

jon buying a piece

                                            fuckin goose

so this dude said he was lush. he is not. but i was drunk so of course i believed him.      -__-

my friend sarah bought this piece. i hear it’s hanging above her bed.


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