ughhhhh…. all these FUCKING clothing companies and websites are pissing me off. i know sometimes i over exaggerate and talk mad shit on things that aren’t that outlandish. but I’m sorry. this just crosses the line.

This website, Spanish Moss Vintage (which I have actually bought a dress from once, just once) is posting these used, cheesy-ass fucking pink floyd pajama pants from mervyns as “vintage” pants for girls. i can understand how they are styled, and being able to pass these off as wearable or whatever, i do the same dumb ass shit all the time. you know, wearing weird ass shit that is completely unconventional to be worn with heels. but the thing that kills me sooo bad inside is the fact that they listed these cheap ass pants for $88!!!! and what’s worse is some fucking idiot actually bought them!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!

u can literally buy these at target for like $10. i see retards wearing them all the time with fucking velcro shoes. UGHHHHHH people just continue to make me lose faith in society.



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