nu yurs

so i had the entire last week off work and then some. the week before started with me getting two different iPhones stolen within 4 days. that was really really shitty. then there was christmas, yeah that was pretty cool. after that i went home and was out of control. i was bored so i met up with my friend at the knockout at five when they opened and only drank chimay out of a gold chalice sang misfits’ devil’s whorehouse on repeat for like ten hours. ran into a friend at cancun next door and conned him into coming to tko to laugh at me sing morrissey. then i ended up hanging out with people i don’t know and going to places i have never been. i went home and watched heathers. next day i waltzed up and down polk street. went to bullet, and this creepy as fuck older guy who had scabs on his face wouldn’t stop talking to me and my friend. he was asking where we lived and where we worked. weird intrusive shit that i don’t like from loser creeps. i went home and passed out up until ten minutes before i had to pick christina from the airport. i picked her up and made her listen to guccimane lemonade on repeat from sfo to my house. we went home and changed then met up with her friend from la at some bar called the lions den in pac heights. then we wandered over to some bar next to amoeba that was having a soft opening. it was filled with all those early 20-something college-age kids i always see acting a damn fool out in the mission. the next day i had to go to the allergist and had a prick test on my back. it really hurt. they had to do an additional extra sensitive one on my arms that was basically stabbing needles in my arm. they started to bleed so that sucked. i drove back to sf and picked up christina from the tenderloin. we went home and changed and then eventually met up with sally and went to 1964. that was all right. nothing to special. then we went to vertigo with a whole posse of people and everyone was drunk and started break dancing like idiots. it was LOL. then we went to some after party in the tl at some dude’s house whose bedroom was in the closet. we listened to kid cudi like it was 2007, then left. i was really tired the next day and hungover and could not function. christina and i went milling around my neighborhood then met up with my family at r n g lounge for some fried crab. after we went home and changed and brandon showed up from sacramento and we changed and went to the phoenix hotel to meet with brie and her brandon’s other friends from sac. we walked to the rickshaw for picture plane and that show was AMAZING (as always). he didn’t play breath work last time, but he opened with it thursday so i was so happy jumping up and down. then after he finished performing i was drunk and went up to him and said (like a damn fool), “travis, i just wanted to let you know that you’re amazing. and keep doing what you’re doing” talk about awkward. but it’s funny cuz its true. i listen to thee physical front to back at least three times a week. ITS SO GOOD!!!!!! so after the show we went to meet up with friends at public works. jeremy had already left by then, but i saw quinn. it was a booty bass night so of course i was into it. there was this skinny gay black guy and i was jokingly booty shaking on him then he pushed me forward on my hands and lifted my legs up like a wheel barrow. i was soooooo embarrassed i was wailing my legs all around trying to get him to put me down. i was laughing hysterically/crying. i guess no one even saw. there was this weird playhouse treehouse thing on the dance floor and my friend wanted me to check it out so we climbed up and there was just this creepy as old, bigger fellow sitting there in the pitch black with a passed out younger girl headfirst on his lap. it was probably a very sketchy situation. so we climbed down really fast and went back to the floor. the dj played dj funk and i was so happy i climbed the speaker in my 6 in platforms and was dancing like a damn fool. we got kicked out at 3 or 4 and then christina’s boyfriend who had just driven up from la picked us up. i had an 8 am dr appt in sj that morning. needless to say i missed it (oopsies) brandon left in the morning and then christina and sam and i had a late start and went exploring the city. we went to a yacht club in the marina for lunch with her uncle so that was cool. MEMBERS ONLY BITCH! after that we got lost and ended up going on the gg bridge. then sam wanted to drive through the presidio cuz he likes nature and shit. then we drove home and rested before we went to dinner at tony’s pizza in north beach. after that i went to my first mission house party with gang members! boy oh boy was that fun! -___- scary as fuck, never again.

after i went to harris’s for this weird vaudeville type after hours warehouse party. i met a guy who is friends with my friend in oakland. we were there til 6 am when a friend got super human strength and flipped this dude upside down backwards on a couch. we went to my house to sleep. i woke up at 8 am and then had to start mentally and physically preparing for nye. cabs were surprisingly easy peazy. we went to the rickshaw for the limousines and it was fun. there was some small drama with a friend. but other then that it was so fun! eric and gio killed it in they sparkle suits! i went backstage and saw necklace tags from the thrasher party. ***sigh…i luv him*** after my friend told us to meet at this house party on divis and by the time we got there everyone was standing around outside like a bunch of underage idiots. the cab driver was really mean, and when we told him he was mean he felt really bad and wouldn’t stop apologizing, but it didn’t matter because it didn’t make up for how mean he was. then we went to haight to meet up with christina’s friends from la. that was so random. i can’t go into it on here, but needless to say some of their guests at their house were crayyyy bahahaha. we finally went home after and passed out. the next day they left real quick and i met up with my family and out swedish relatives in north beach at tony’s pizza yet again. so good. and the swedish babies are too cute. then i went home and chilled for a second. it was my first time alone by myself at the house in 7 days. it was a weird feeling that i did not like. i hate when all my friends visit and stay with me and then all of them are gone and I’m by myself. so sad 😥 then i met up with sally and we went to sweater funk. it was all right. i guess the story rings true that u aint gotta lie to kick it. and i was lying because that music really isn’t my thing. we went to a chinese restaurant and there was this big big old dude eating by himself WASTED. he spilled food all over the table and started eating off the table. then he put his fork in the tea kettle and tried scoop the tea and eating it like it was a stew. it was weird/funny/sad.
i went home and woke up at 6am with all my clothes on and the lights on in my room. that was dumb. now I’m back to the work week and it feels good. i don’t understand how people can hold these crazy nonstop party lifestyles. i mean yes, it is fun. but it gets old. yesterday i looked in the mirror and it looked like i had aged ten years in 7 days. my skin was dehydrated from a combination of drinking, lack of water, and lack of sleep. oh well, at least i can say i got it all out of my system. here’s some pics.

as a side note that doesn’t have to do with anything, i’ve been really into old outkast lately. so good!!!!


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