Mary Xmas

I hope everyone had a good holiday. i came out good. got guccimane, soulja boy, and new justice cd. alongside some perfume, electronics, and infinite amounts of candy. i have the whole next week off and my best friend from la is coming up to hang with me alllllll weeeeeeeeek long. still not sure on nye plans yet, but i think we are gonna still try to see the homies the limousines at rickshaw. presale is sold out but we might just try to get tix at the door. oh! and how could i forget! Pictureplane is on Thursday also at the rickshaw stop. stoked to see brandon and some other sac homies come down for that. realize i havent been posting a lot on here lately. truth be told i have been super busy with new job, commuting, and shit getting stolen multiple times in one week.

ive had a lot of time to reflect this past week with my phone getting stolen twice within 4 days. i really want to make a conscious effort to not buy so much this coming year. i want to save my money and put it toward more important things in life, like time with friends and family. i realize this past year has been one of the most significant years of my life. a lot of BIG positive things happened to me, as well as some negative things personally. when i was bummed out i would try and buy things to distract myself. i ended up turning into a psychotic compulsive shopper. i would go weeks where i wouldnt eat anything but old crackers in my pantry because i spent so much money on clothes. im realizing now that being materialistic isnt going to get you anywhere. especially seeing that things can get stolen so fast from right under you, and all that money u spent on that item is gone. poof.

i want to be a better person and try to talk less shit. i know talking shit is kind of “my thing”. but i promise that i won;t be so judgmental and try to open all new people and ideas with open arms. i began my journey in sf alone, and it did take me 8 months to finally make some solid friends. i 2012 is going to be a nice fresh start for me and everyone. i want to just take the time to say that i am truly appreciative of all my friends and family who have stuck by me and pushed me in a positive direction this past year. i love you all and cheers to new beginnings and adventures in 2012!


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