r29 sf sucks

so this is the article. about the line around the block for the release of the Versace x H&M collaboration at the Powell St store in SF.

 they deleted my comment calling them out on their embarassingly shitty journalism. granted i did use some profanity…but still! it’s not like it’s a family site.

i didn’t save my first comment, but i basically wrote how its people like this who are ruining the fashion industry. dumb girls like this totally bro’d out girl with uggs and a target tee being first in line so she can buy EVERY piece of the collection so she can resell it on ebay. fuck these people. and fuck refinery29 for spotlighting them like “man, this collection is so hot, you have to buy it on ebay, hyuck hyuck hyuck” (hyuck hyuck is a hillbilly chuckle spelled out). UGHHHHHHHHHHH they totally deleted my comment.

so i wrote a new one..

animaldance Moderator 0 minutes ago
this article  is promoting scalping…therefore refinery29 is promoting scalping….WHICH IS ILLEGAL!

Nevertheless ruins the whole fun out of the designers putting out clothes at cheaper collaborations in the first place!!!


let’s see if they CENSOR that one too.


and this is not the first time they have written super dumb articles. i remember a few weeks after the whole kreayshawn blow-up …right before she got on everyone’s nerves, some dumb ho wrote an article how if kreayshawn wanted real street cred then she would have had a different hook..

(“Proenza Proenza, Krakoff Krakoff, Vena Cava, Wang…”) along with losing that reference to “Flossin’ like Ivana Trump.” Hmmm, maybe more like Daphne Guinness? That’s soooo much more cool and she’s also super, super rich, Kreay-Kreay!


Wow, now that is just embarassing. People were bashing the author in the comments saying how she was missing the point and a stupid dumbass.

article here


refinery29 desperately needs new contributers for the sf portion. PLEASE. the original site is too cool to be going down the shitter like that.


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