supreme x nike sb

so……….. apparently nike sb is doing a collabo with Supreme. Typical. I don’t know how much they are, but I think they are dumb. They seriously look like Luggz. or Timberlands at best.

I remember when I was 19 I thought Nike Sb’s were like, toooootally cool. I remember when I go to NC Boardshop and Emage and always get the new cool ones. Um, I’m a girl, what the hell was wrong with me. I could have spent all that money on super cool girlie things. Looking back, I only kept two pairs, well three actually. I never wear them. ever. I wore the Mission Blazers to the Giants games but thats about it. I still have the Jeremy Fish ones and the Appetite for Destruction ones. Nike Sb’s used to be so hot, but now they are not. Well, at least not to me. or anyone else  I talk to..

I’m going to LA this weekend and I am so excited! I will probably go to the supreme store and buy a $185 hoody just because i can..and will. I guess old habits don’t really die. I think I have this weird thing where I like owning cooler shit then guys. street cred, bro.

oh, and if u have twitter then u know how ridiculous the Ryan Gosling  at FFF Fest was blowing up your newsfeed. Thanks to my friend Charles for bringing to my attention this tumblr.


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