last night

sooooo……….last night i went to three art shows. i was originally only supposed to go to one but as the night progressed i ended up tagging along with people to three.

First, I went to Project One Gallery in Portrero Hill. Wow, that gallery is so nice!!! It was basically a lounge. Super fancy. The show was “Gold” and the flyer listed a ton or artists so I thought the show was going to be big, but there was only one piece by each. There were a couple I liked, but nothing I was crying over that I couldn’t buy. Merkeley???’s piece was definitely talked about. It was a picture of him paying his taxes with “gold”, and he put his penis in a water bottle and was pissing. It was funny because his piece was just chilling on a weird ledge in the corner unframed.

I got bored really fast because I didn’t know anyone and it was only 8:45 so I hopped on the bus and went to Fifty24SF for Teen Witch’s show. It was all pictures of her friends hanging out and whatnot. It was cool to see these pictures that are traditionally printed small to be blown up all huge. It was mayhem outside (like every show there) with tons of sk8r dudes and taggers just chillin on the curbs drinking tall cans like it ain’t no thang. i saw so many people tagging, it was kind of ridiculous. They weren’t even tagging anything worth tagging except their dumb tagger names -__- whatevz. it was on Fillmore and Haight so it’s not like they were vandalizing places that haven’t seen it before.

I made new friends and we hopped on the bus to go to this other art show at Summit in the Mission, which is actually next door to Self Edge. It was reallllllllly random. It was all these low rider pictures, and outside there was a low rider car parked with hydraulics just chillin on 3 tires. Everyone and their mother was stopping their car, even cab drivers! to take pics of this thing.

The people inside that it was their art were these Latino Folk, and they were asking me to pose in their car outside. It was soooooooooooooo ridiculous. I straight up told the latino mobster looking dude, wait, are you gonna take a pic of me in the car and then drive off with me and kidnap me? i was really serious. it was really funny looking back ha.. it was weird too cuz i wasn’t wearing my usual short ass skin tight dress, i was just wearing a nirvana shirt and my 6 in platform intergalactic space zombie boots.

but anyways……… after that we went to uptown and hung out then i went home. The cab dropped me off infront of this secret high-end wine bar next to my house that i always forget about so i walked in. there were two older business guys drinking wine and talking about sophisticated things with the bartender (winetender?) and they give me free expensive wine and i make them play old u2.
so that was that. Tonight, im going to american tripps to finally check out this berlin style ping pong thing. I guess its a huge block party and pbr is gonna be there and theres gonna be dancing til 3 am.

oh and here is a random pic of me on halloween on tom celic’s shoulders.


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