backpacks on packs on packs

Yes, I am fully aware I just won the raddest backpack ever (see post below), but I just came across this Eastpak collection and I would love to have one.

Eastpak releases the limited edition Cosmic Devotion Day Pack. Their classic canvas backpack comes with a colorful graphic all-over design, inspired by an iconic religious scene. Look out for the backpack in stores Spring/Summer 2012, limited to 500 pieces.

(via highsnobiety)

I feel like the whole satan is cool in fashion and “life” is getting really old and annoying. Obviously stemming from metal influences and its epicness satan is considered “cool” and all that shit is thrown on any joe-schmo clothing label right now, but I like the more gothic crucifix and such. Shit’s way cooler if you ask me. Fuck trying to be so hard!



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