i remember halloween

This weekend was craziness. I am really big on Halloween so the fact this weekend was craziness isn’t very shocking. Friday night Charles, Allie, and Brandon drove up from Sac to go with me to see Salem DJ at 103 Harriett. Boy, was that place strange. My costume was so rad tho, it was sooooooooo scary!!! I did most of my makeup, but it was still a little off. Allie was able to put the finishing touches on it and I looked sOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooOoooooooooo scary!! I was pretty gross too. I was Regean from the Exorcist. It was pretty nasty. I was pretty authentic tho. No guy would look me in the eye the whole night, and when I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror there was an actual moment where I had to wash off some of the green salsa dried and peeling off my face because I thought my costume was just too far. Oh well, I was able to dress ultra cutesy to the max for Saturday’s costume so I felt I had a good balance of gross and ho, like they cancelled eachother out. Anyways so back to the salem thing. We get there slightly early because we thought there would be a line since this was a free event with RSVP and a lot of people were going. We get there, no line, no cover and proceed to the bar. I order a water because I felt ill and didn’t want to jump into more booze at 10:30 so the bartender gives me a death stare, fills a cup 1/2 way with water, and shoves it across the counter at me. Im like ok, thats weird… a-hole. My friends get well drinks in the smallest cups ever and they are $8 each! wtf. the place was wayyyy to big for that sort of event and so although there were a good amount of people there, it still seemed really dead and empty. The dj is playing really weird chop and skrewed goth music..u know the type that is really popular righ tnow. Totally undanceable. After a while we were bored so left and went to the knockout, simply because its the only place i know there is always something happening. I got a tall can and we were bored so we all left and went back to the show b/c charles was bummed we left in the first place. We thought we wouldn’t get back in so we just went through the backdoor like it ain’t no thang. At this point it was pretty late, and there was no sign of salem on stage djing. To this day no one can actually confirm if Salem actually DJed that night. skeptical. We left a second time after I told Beau and Kendra to meet us there after the Skrillex show and by the time they got to to 103 Harriett we had already left to go to the castro because Allie’s friend was bartending at Mix. I was too tired to drink anymore so I waited in the longest line ever with all these naked gay dudes to get a taco. we took a cab home then had this crazy dance party in my room to JT Money – “who dat who” song. brandon put on my high heels and his nurse costume and i was doing this weird dance move similar to the limbo with my Ronald Reagan mask on. I had to work this even the next day so they all left by noon, and then I met with Beau and Kendra in Union Square for 30 minutes before heading to work. I got home from work at 9:30 and got changed in my ladgybug gear and went to the girls house above Green’s. I had a beer and then we all walked to Fort Mason for the party. It was weird, but fun. I was pretty much by myself in the living room dancing with strangers all night. There was one point I was on the floor doing this weird dance move that resembles a push-up. I dont know, everyone was really into it though. It was about 2 am when the posse decided to go home. I sprinted up the steepest street in my neighborhood which is also two blocks long, in 4 in high heels. I thought I was pretty cool, but now my muscles in my legs are all fucked up from it. We got back to my house and watched Thankskilling and Super Troopers. We made an attempt yesterday to get mimosas but that fell through. I was more tired yesterday then actually hungover, and sometimes that is worse. Still deciding if I will go out tonight. We shall see. I might wear my roommate’s wolf costume, but i don’t know. unless there is a house party, i will probably just stay in and watch some b-list horror movies on netflix. netflix instant queue is so bunk. it sucks. whatever..


allie’s hellraisers

steve jobs is a creep!

picture beau took of me waiting for the bus
Happy Halloween!


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