ziggy played guitar

Ann Magnuson Plays David Bowie and Jobriath, or The Rock Star as Witch Doctor, Myth Maker, and Ritual Sacrifice

Source: http://www.sfmoma.org/exhib_events/events/1960#ixzz1c6hmlMkd
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

So I went to this crazy performance art show tribute to David Bowie by Ann Magnuson who apparently has old street cred from NY in the 80s and college radio and such.
Magnuson is a performance artist, musician, and actress who defined 1980s downtown New York, marked college radio with her band Bongwater, and has graced everything from TV to Hollywood blockbuster thrillers. In her new tribute cabaret, she nods to Bowie with a song cycle of his early 1970s work. With musical direction by Kristian Hoffman, the performance gains power as Magnuson embodies Jobriath, the only openly gay star of the glam rock revolution. The performance also will incorporate dreams, Jung, human sacrifice, Aztec shamanism, and all things dark, bloody, and beautiful.
I won tickets off missionmission (thanks dudes) and so I took the 45 down to the MOMA and checked it out. The show started at 9:15, and I got there around 8:20 giving me time to peruse the galleries. There was a costume contest and as I was walking up to MOMA a guy was walking down the street and i kid you not i thought he was the singer of LMFAO. He had the best costume EVER. I laughed a little when I walked by him. ANYWAYS, I went in and got to see all these cool paintings in person that you would ordinarily see all over the internetz or in books or reprinted. Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, etc. <br>


so apparently these following pictures were never supposed to be taken, and i had no idea (sorry) but the sign forbidding photography was so small and unnoticeable! The security caught me after I was done with my last pic. oh well…prob shouldn’t be posting them but they are so rad!

So I went downstairs at 9 to see this lady perform. They had these cool old videos on the projector as the curator said, “vintage footage of white women trying to be not white”.

I took one photo of the stage with my measely iphone. Before she started the introducer said she didnt want people taking pictures at all because digital photography is crappy, and she wanted everyone to full enjoy the experience. she came out in some weird sacrificial goddess attire, something like the mayans might wear. there was a dude in a loin cloth dancing on stage the whole time and a backup singer who reminded me of captain schmee from peter pan, if captain schmee looked like he was in empire of the sun. anyways, there was weird lyric changes the whole time and she changed costumes a ton. at one point this lady (so is in her 40s im presuming) got down in just a bustier corset and thong. That was pretty cool. Some dude in front of me was definitely fist pumping. definitely LOL worthy. But for the most part it was cool and random. That’s all i gotta say about that.
going to this tonight…cya there..or not


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