gang signs

so i originally wrote this post on 10/19, but i couldnt find an image of the shoe til now, so here’s this post. btw, after this past weekend i no longer am in a downward spiral of self-loathing. but i just thought i’d post this anyways, OK!

so i cant stop thinking, dreaming, lusting over these shoes. i feel so lonely these days i feel the need to shower myself with material things to make me feel happy. i know im being a bit dramatic, but fuck it i dont care. i can feel how i want. ive been on an out of control shopping binge for the past three weeks with only one week break in the middle wear i didn’t spend more than $20 for 7 days. that was easy because i was so bored i didnt leave my house, or my bedroom except to go to work for those 7 days. i went to css last week with some old friends, and made some new ones. it was nice. aside from my week of self-quarantining i feel quite IN touch with whats going on in the world around me. i dyed my hair last week. first time in close to 6 years. it was a refreshing change i needed. veronica did an amazing job, too. with this extra free time on my hands u would think i would have an immaculate room. but no. i just sit around and stare at the wall mostly, listen to spotify with my shitty cable that is broken so it only connects music to one speaker. but anyways, back to the matter at hand. i need these shoes. i will wear them everyday (all hours outside of work) and i will love them and place them in a glorious shrine on my shelf when i sleep so i can stare at them.

Walter Steiger

shoes here

did u know that kat von d has been quoted as saying she got her tattoo (one of them) on her thigh because it’s something for her to stare at when she goes to the bathroom? at first i thought this was the most ridiculous logic i have ever heard, but after thinking about it for awhile, i’ve come to realize that is a really good reason.

pp friday!


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