fb gives me anxiety

i logged on for 5 split sec to post a video and now i feel like im having a panic attack
i didnt even see anything
it felt like i just walked into a crowded room with evryones drama out on display having conversations.

what happens when i dont want to know everyone’s business? fb feels almost like a way for people to put their friendships on display and parade them for the world to see. like—oh, im commenting back and forth with this person a million times because we are hanging out a lot irl.

or–hey , look how much fun i am having and busy i appear to be by this cool typed out status update.

or–hey, im going to like this comment on someone else’s status because it shows im all up in everyone’s business and by saying i like this i am agreeing with whatever is going on that is none of my business. even tho when people post stuff here it automatically makes it my business.


theres a lot of weird shit going down lately and i dont like it. i dont want to know what evreyone is doing all the time and i dont want to see pictures and opinions or events or places people are being tagged at.

true, i can delete my fb, but what happens all the content ive invested in it over the years, or all the fake friends and minimal acquaintances ive added to my friend list over the years.

i didnt log on once yesterday and it felt good. even though i logged in today for literally 20 seconds, i dont like the feeling i got.

i dont like people right now, so im just gonna stay away…

for now.


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