ive had a lot of time to myself lately, and i have to say that i have been really enjoying it. what i currently lack in social and personal relationships i have made up for in online shopping, blog reading, and walking–all for hours on end. I walk up and down all these hills when i am bored or lonely. sometimes with ipod, sometimes without. and there’s those nights where i am too lazy to leave my house to get food (even something as convenient as takeout) so i just end up eating crackers or cereal, basically whatever is in the pantry. it’s weird how when u dont have a car, a lot of your habits unknowingly change. i can justify my spending lately from my lack of going out to bars and restaurants. it’s amazing what you can find online, and if u search a little more, you can find these things cheaper and cheaper. Or, if its sold-out “everywhere” i can guarantee you i can find it on a different website. it’s almost like a personal venture. i don’t even have to buy the’s just knowing that only I can find these secret loopholes. sometimes i think other people are chumps . Me? I ain’t no chump. i tend to be very picky when i shop online, and i have the time to. i order wisely, and rarely regret my purchases. i love the internet, and there is no shame in that statement. i also love getting packages in the mail. some people have dogs, who are always excited to see them and greet them when they get home. me, i have packages waiting.

here are some things in general i have “acquired” over the last week or so.

new iphone case courtesy of my co-worker. i needed to break the blingie one for a second.  i think its from china.


these weird grey antics underall short things.

nikon d40

Diary by Lesley Arfin. (don’t really know how it took me so long to finally get it seeing as ive been a fan of hers for awhile)

stylestalker adict maxi dress

a TURTLENECK! holy shit why am i so excited for this. im weird.

more saddle shoes. this time pink with flowers 🙂

and the best thing of all………




this week i have been listening to this “All Radiohead” channel on aol radio for 8 hrs everyday. For some reason i think its better than just putting my whole radiohead catalog on shuffle. All i want to do is listen to radiohead. while laying in bed staring at the wall.



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