die die die

UGHHHHHHHHHHH I am SOOOO ANGRY!!!! This is now the second weekend in a row I have wasted my hard earned dollars on the worst food and service. It really angers me knowing that places can get away with the type of service I have experienced the last two weekends. I went on Yelp to check out the “reviews” after I had eaten there hoping to confirm how shitty the places were, even though I know that 99% of the people who write reviews on yelp are complete idiots who know nothing about food or are just using it as an anonymous tool to blast local merchants’ businesses because they think they deserve red carpet treatment everywhere. To much of my chagrin, I WAS RIGHT. All the yelp reviews for the places I HATED were an average of 3-5 star reviews!!!! I could not be more outraged!!! There is no way in hell these places deserve those praising reviews!

The one that outraged me the most was the 3.5 average star rating of Dunya on Polk St out of 115 reviews! That place is the worst “mediterannean fusion” you could ever eat. My friend and I went there yesterday (Sunday) at about 1:00 because we wanted lunch and not brunch. It is a really cute little spot on Polk and Sacramento and I have walked by a million times wanting to try a new mediterannean place. There was one big group of trendy “marina-type” girls eating inside seeming as though they were having an excellent time, a couple outside with a dog at a table, two other couples sitting on both sides of us, and four people sitting at the bar with mimosas. When we first walked in, there was an eastern-european guy at the bar who flagged us down pointing at tables to “help ourselves at a seat”. Only problem was the only two tables wear both dirty with plates and glasses on them and right next to another pair of boys who seemed to have been seated right before us. When I go to chipotle or taquerias I dont mind sitting down at a table that needs to be bussed, but when I go to a nice restaurant, I expect to be able to sit down at a clean table. Not only were we and the boys sitting next to us sitting at tables that needed to be cleaned, but the busser decided to start cleaning tables that no one was sitting at first! I was getting worried and started to think that maybe he thought the used glasses and silverware were ours and that we were about to be confused and neglected by the all but one person waitstaff as well. So our tables were never wiped down and we put the previous party’s waste on the “newly cleaned up” table next to us. The waiter never greets us or the party next to us, so our neighbors take the initiative after both of us sitting there for 10 minutes to as for menus. The busser brings them menus (and assumingly we thought he would recognize we obviously needed them, too) but of course did not bring us any, so we had to ask. After a minute of looking at the menus the waiter comes out of nowhere and just says “do you know what you want?” ……..ummm, excuse me? no I do not know what I want because its 1:30 and I would like to look at the lunch menu. he brings over the lunch menu and I quickly pick something to order because it looks like once he walks away to “give us time to look at the menu” we will never see him again. I look at the menu with no gyros to be found so i quickly pick a lamb wrap, and my friend a pesto chicken sandwich and a coke. after 15 min, the waiter comes back and asks us what we ordered again…red flag number 2. Still no sign of coke for my friend so we ask again, the waiter literally says “I know” then follows with asking “diet?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! my friend could have already been on refill number 2 by then. (Please keep in mind through all this that the waiter had a very rude attitude. The kind you expect from foreigners I suppose, and I know that sounds very stereotypical but seriously!! there is a reason for stereotypes because they are based on some truth!) So anyways, he leaves and does not return with a soda, ever. By this time we are getting so enraged and kind of want to just leave before our food even comes. I actually regret not doing that. the guys next to us were equally as pissed about their service as ours. they got their food first, without utensils. One of the guys couldn’t even eat his food it was so bad. By this point all four of us began chatting about how shocked and disappointed we all were with what was going on. I look at the other people in the restaurant to confirm that they must be having a lousy experience as well and everyone was totally happy and visiting with their friends. It could have very well been that since all of the other tables were in groups of 4 or more so that is why they weren’t paying attention with bad service and were instead distracted by their friends. WHO KNOWS. All i know is that after the food was thrown on our table I was so bummed out I thought there was no way the food could ever be that good that it was worth all that horror. my friend’s food was so dry and after it was specifically ordered with no onions and he found a heapful in the sandwich we were so irate that we just wanted to get the hell out of there. We couldnt wait any longer for our check so we walked up to the bar to tell the waiter we wanted our check and he waved his arm at us saying “i know, one second”. Umm…how about NO BITCH, GIVE US OUR CHECK NOW. he proceeds to sit down an older group of well dressed adults at the bar and begins making them each drinks!! Um, excuse me, give us our fucking check you asshole. i have never been so pissed in my life, and it pisses me off more knowing I have to walk by that place everytime i am in lower polk.

AND the bottom line is that people on yelp dont know shit! why would you trust a complete stranger’s review on something. would you trust a complete stranger’s advice on music or fashion?? ….probably not. i hate how annonymous these “review” sites are. from now on I will trust word from my friends on whats good. oh, and ther is a special place in hell for rude servers.

sidenote: I did not eat at that place because i saw good reviews on yelp. i merely checked yelp after i ate there to see what kind of undeserving reviews it had. grrrrrrrrrrr………..still angry. but then there are amazing places (restaurants and other types of establishments) that are totally slaughtered on yelp. yelp is inaccurate and needs to be stopped. ok the end.


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