so almost two months ago in July, my homegirl April came to visit with her friend Allison. They drove all the way here from Tempe! Damn hos. They got in late Wednesday night, the 10 yr anniversary night of 1964. I went down there for about 30 minutes before they got into town at midnite. The party was too crowded and certain idiots I came to meet up with were too drunk to hang so i hopped in April’s car and we drove to my house so they could get all their stuff situated. They quickly changed and we went back to edinburgh to see if it was still poppin off, and as it turns out the line was about two stores down and they wouldn’t let me get back in even though my hand was stamped. We were over it at that point so all three of us walked to the Hemlock to grab a couple tall cans before last call. It was pretty dead there, and that was fine with me. There was a group of random bro-ish dudes who took our picture and then got in our picture. I had work the next day so by 1:45 we started walking home.

The next day I had to work an event after work so I was pretty much AT work from 9am-9:30pm. My work reimburses me for taxis home if we are working events after hours as a courtesy, so I called a cab to pick me up from my office. I was sitting, waiting, staring at the well, and still no cab. I got really anxious to get home so I just started walking thinking I could easily hail a cab. that was very wrong. as soon as i walked four blocks from work with my high heels there was no cab to be found anywhere on the street and no buses either. All of a sudden I get a call saying, “your taxi has arrived”. Only I couldn’t answer and say “hey cab driver dude, drive a few blocks to your right and there i will be” because it was a stupid automated message. There was no way I could get ahold of that taxi. there that went, just because i couldn’t wait an extra five minutes. i started walking towards market st thinking thats like the information superhighway of taxis, only to discover that once again i was wrong. FAIL FAIL FAIL. not only were the taxis scarce but all of them already had peeps in them! so i kept walking north and ended up at the embarcadero center in front of a hotel where i snagged a cab. he got REALLY angry when i said i have a card, but then i insisted we could keep the meter running and i can hop out at an atm and pull out money. i think he felt bad that i was so persistent about being sorry and that i would really get cash for him so he let it slide. i tipped him an extra couple bucks more than usual. i got home and the girls and i were ready to go out. we headed to the mission because we felt like being super grime. we hung out at a friend’s house for a second, i posed with a stinky mask (which was stinky because it was in the freezer..dont worry, its not supposed to make sense) and we drank a couple beers then headed to uptown. nothing to eventful happened that night. i tried making love connections happened, but neither party was feeling it. i told apedawg to not worry..

it was actually allison’s birthday this night so, happy birthday again allison!

i thought it was pretty cool that shitty uptown had candles at the tables.

the next day was friday and i had to work all day, but as it turned out the girls were just sleeping all day. when i got home from work we went to take pictures at crissy field

sf didnt want to let the girls down so of course all the pix of the gg bridge were doused in fog.
the wind was super crazy per usual.

we went to see the full house house

that night after we ate thai food in the tenderloin, we got ready and went out to some random night at the knockout. but first we went to cassanova, which was beyond shitty. my friend was in from ny and said it was some rap night at the knockout or something so we rolled over, but when we got there it was all rock and roll music, which was still fine. sean was working the bar. april and i drank some tall cans and then took some pictures in the photobooth.

we then left because it was boring and got nachos at cancun next door. i got a text from chris about some afterparty in soma. i wasnt really feeling it, but by the time i expressed disinterest i was lured in by talks of a hottub. a REAL LIFE HOT TUB AFTERPARTY. it felt so r. kelly, how could we not check it out. and THEN it got better, we got a ride there in a CONVERTIBLE! now just a sidenote, i own a convertible so you would think they don’t really impress me much when other people have them, but i was impressed! i was excited! so off to the party we went. when we got there it turned out there was no hot tub (well, there was but no one bothered to turn it on). i ended up eating my nachos all gnarly status in the middle of the party with april, then i fell asleep on the couch.

the next night i had to peace out to the girls because i went to san jose for my best friend’s birthday (hi britt!) the girls wandered around chinatown and haight all day (from what i understood) then went to the gilman for some metal show. i guess they stayed in some really really scary hostel in east oakland. like realllllllly scary. but good news everyone! they are still alive!!
the next day we went to beauty bar for bb sundays aka everyone go hang out with sean. we took some last photos together including us at cancun (the other location) and then we went back to my house for slumber. they left monday morning not long after i left for work..

bye april and allison, i hope u visit me again soon 😥

oh and btw, did i fail to mention that i was obsessed with listening to lemonade NONSTOP ON REPEAT BACK TO BACK the whole weekend. like, we would wake up in the morning and i would just start blasting it when everyone was sleeping and id dance around in my robe and play it on repeat. it was pretty ridiculous


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