When some people first see that some big name designer is doing a collaboration with some low end retailer there are many thoughts and assumptions that come to mind. “Oh, they are doing this for their fans so everyone can own a piece of that ‘untouchable’ brand” or “Wow, that designer must really be hurting for sales if they are putting their coveted name on that shitty quality product and associating with that shitty store” or “They are trying to be innovative or put out leftover designs that weren’t good enough to make their collection, so they are selling it to some cheapy store”. I don’t know, when the designers are interviewed they always say they are doing it to be innovative and give all their “fans” a chance to own a piece of their brand by collaborating with such chains as H&M or Target to put it at an affordable price. To be honest, I think these brands are hurting by the economy, and by having them do this it is definitely hurting their image AND integrity in my opinion. Like what incentive does a person have of wanting to own that specific print caftan that is $1,500 if Target is putting one out with Missoni’s name for $80. Obviously the Target version is going to be shit quality and people will be able to recognize that it is shit quality and you are only buying it for the name, but some people are stupid and have never been exposed to high quality stuff and just see the same name or pattern and assume it is the same (price and all). This is where things get tricky and really start to piss me off. I really don’t see that big of a difference with this concept as with knock-off goods except for the fact that knock-offs are counterfeit and illegal bootlegs and unauthorized.

And the thing with Missoni for Target that really kills me more than any other designer that has collaborated with Target is that they are taking their famous designs and prints which they are most recognized by and putting them on the shit corporate Target stuff. At least the other Designers made different designs completely. Ughhhhhhh………this whole Target collabo is totally missing the point. Aside from everything I have just said, Missoni is so well known as respected in the fashion industry is for their gorgeous hand knit pieces! Yes, they are knitted in their classic chevron design which is how it is so recognizable. This is why people don’t feel as guilty spending thousands of dollars on their pieces because they are so beautifully made! All Target is doing is exploiting their zig zag chevron design and PRINTING it on shitty knits. Really peaves me. And you do realize that they sell Missoni home collections already at home furnishing stores??? Target sucks, H & M sucks, F21 sucks, they all suck.
My friend posted this picture on FB of her local Target in LA when the doors were barely opened. ALready sold out. And now, the Target website is down and everything is sold out on their too. It’s like when Lanvin collaborated with H&M earlier this year and it was all sold out that morning and people were putting it on ebay. To this day I have never seen anyone wear that collection after that whole fad came and went. It’s like people are so greedy and just want it because they are told it is so cool and will be the hottest thing, BLAH BLAH BLAH
This is the only thing I like from the Target line 😛
a $250 rug missoni X target


M Missoni

Missoni x Target

HYPE IS RUINING THE FASHION INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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