heart cooks brain

why in the hell is the modest mouse album “the lonesome crowded west” so fucking good. over ten years later and it is still so fresh and new sounding.
indie rock nowaways is pretty embarassing. after this shitty, live 105-type band played at the mtv vmas on sunday pictureplane tweeted
so true. i can’t stand how genres just get super popular and trendy because of a handful of good bands. then every joe shmo idiot thinks they can start a likewise sounding band and refer to the good band as “influence” and “paved the way’. how about, ummm go away stupid idiots, ur music sucks and it is a waste of my hearing.

don’t even get me started on kreayshawn. who are these people at her show? is that what her new audience is now? i posted this on my fb earlier this week and everyone started commenting on how bad she is and that it was expected, and then began mouthing off that i used to like her and that i am simply no better than those in attendance at this horrific display of self-righteous bay area exploitation.. that song would be nothing without that video. and u cant be riding off one video that was big on the internet for several months without backing it up with new material. kreayshawn had the potential to be better, but she simply proved she is just like any other pop star. shes pretty much an east oakland pop rap star (if u could even say star). i bought the tix to her 1st show in may a day after the youtube video hit and i saw her live one week after that video came out. that show was so terrible it was a down right travesty. the most fun part of the show was the generic hip hop dj beforehand blasting waka flocka flame and everyone dancing. it was a somewhat “cool” crowd filled with half hundreds posse and half random sf people. i think its fucked up she was nominated for “best new artist” which was obviously a push onto mtv from her record label, columbia. how can u be best new artist or even touring the country if u have one song out! arguably she has two other songs but they are so terrible they arent even worth acknowledging. its also embarassing that she wore a dress by my fav aussies blogger fashion designers, Di$count. she made the dress look so bad, its a crying shame i dont even want to write the sfgate review of the outfit because it is so sad….ok nevermind here it is:

Clearly, rapper (and “Best New Artist” nominee) Kreayshawn isn’t wearing any Gucci, Louis, Fendi, or Prada. However, this Disney-inspired mess had many wishing she’d picked up some designer duds instead.

some people say this was all backlash from the whole lil b and soulja boy bay area “swag” movement. Whatever, people are annoyed with “swag” but after seeing that random guy in the back of the bus blasting lil b yesterday morning and singing and dancing with his dreadlocks flailing everywhere u cant help but smile.
whatever, i dont care. go google kreayshawn for nood piczzzzzzz


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