I have an obsession with all things taxidermy. I remember one time at a party I stole took this bull head skull from a pack of crust punks parading it around as an accessory. After I looked at it the next day sitting on my kitchen counter I realized it was not cleaned at all and the bone was peeling and it was full of cobwebs, not necessarily decay, but it was definitely not sanitary enough to be sitting on my kitchen counter. I just want anything and everything taxidermy related!
Anyways, I love that Loved to Death store on Haight, if I had it my way my whole room and house would be outfitted with gothic crucifixes, vintage exorcism kits, alligator heads in jars, and buffalo head to frame the living room. But alas, that can’t happen, not now at least. I did get this really cool bird wing hair clip that I love from there.

Well, I just found out about this project that Alexis Bittar jewelry designer dude has outfitted his whole store in SF with and frankly I am dumbfounded (in a good way). Apparently the whole store is filled with hybrid taxidermies made by Frank J. Zitz This shit is seriously blowing my mind right now!
I want a half zebra half antelope zeldabeast!

and a two-headed ram

and of COURSE I have to own a half giraffe half horse hyrbid beast pup.

I’m honestly amazed by how talented people are. WTF. Why can’t I think of making a real life centaur taxidermy creation. Oh well. At least there’s always ebay…


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