Ok, so enough already with this whole fucking “fashion blogger” shit. If it’s one thing that gets on my nerves it’s seeing rich white girls post pictures of themselves on their blogs with outfits that look like they bought it straight off the mannequin at nordstrom. I mean seriously people, I thought music bloggers got shit for talking trash about every other artist that doesn’t send them free stuff or get them into shows for free, but this is inversely worse. For example, all these dumb hos who are mostly really mundane and trite get free shit from random stores and designers and then they post it all over their blogs like “look at me, look at me” I’m so cool because I am wearing this designer and I don’t have friends so I have my boyfriend take pictures of me standing awkwardly in front of my house with my Jeffrey Campbell or Miu Miu shoes. Don’t even get me started the the blogger ho puts a description of what she’s wearing and she says “gifted”. It’s bad enough these rich bitches are flauntingly embarassing themselves all over the internet, but then they have to act like they soooooooooo damn cool and have free stuff sent to them.

Just mosey on down to any url with “fashion” or “style” in it and you will see a fucking embarassing picture of some chick who ain’t even that tight with a head to toe pic of herself, and then 6 more back to back of her kind walking sequence and then under it the caption will read something like this
“sunglasses: Karen Walker, shirt: alexander wang, shorts: zara, tights: drugstore, shoes: miu miu” it’s like they throw in one cheapy piece and think they have the ballinest style. I mean really?? Who even gave these hoodrats permission to get away with posting all these narcissistic pictures of themselves all over the internet? If I saw them in person I would probably laugh in their face. I’m not gonna lie, I used to read some when in 2008 because I was bored and curious, but now it’s just a race of the blogger chicks to see who has the latest acne shoes first. STOP BEING SO OBVIOUS! It’s like every blogger is just biting off each other. It’s like the author of lurks a couple other blogs before she makes the decision to drop $400 on sunglasses or $600 on a pair of shoes. If they are wearing it, then it’s cool right? NOT. Bloggers actually ruin a lot of favorites of mine unfortunately. EFF THEM ALL. I guess it’s better in the long run because I don’t spend a thousand dollars of my parents’ money on clothes from the “contemporary designer” dept.
hey boyfriend! take a pic of my “candidly” walking across the street with you million dollar camera.

oh hey look at my tight outfit that i like to put on just to pose for my blog in my backyard

sweet squatting pic, girl

yeah, and how is this outfit “fashionable”. eep!

Don’t even get me started on some of the so-called “fashion” blogs I have seen from San Francisco. It’s pretty embarassing. Some are like, oh hey, here’s a look at my nerdy life and my cutting-edge outfit from J. Crew! Oh look, I am going to document on my blog pictures of me and my nerdy friends having fancy dinner parties that we spend $300 on. Oh look, we are so edgy because we are drinking beer out of the bottle~! lyke totally omgzzzzzzz.

Oh and then there’s the SF fashion hippie blog. Yeah, I get it, wearing thrifted clothes used to be cool 5 years ago, but now you just look like a dirty scrummy generic ho. I mean really, though? I am not hating on shopping at thrift stores, but I can hate on people who try wayyyy to hard.

Whatever, my blog sucks so am i to judge. I just want these poor, clueless souls that they ain’t gotta lie to kick it. Maybe if they weren’t so concerned with taking the “head-to-toe” picks in their designer outfits they could actually go out and have some fun.

there are few fashion blogs that are actually worth looking at. that being said, peep these:
foxy man

sorry if i offended anyone. but someone needed to put these girls in their place. they get enough ass kissing on their blogs anyways..


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