Doll Parts

I am on a quest to find everything either me or my friends owned in the 90s. And I am talking straight up 4th grade, teeny bopper, alt music listening, spice girls lovin, home improvement watching, kickball playing self in the 90s.

Here is a look into my tweenage shoe collection.

I used to own these in 4th grade. I was pretty BAD ASS.
If I find these cheaper on ebay (I am a Men’s 7.5 or 8 hint hint) I am going to purchase these and wear the shit out of them. I liked these because I was a lil jock in grade school, and these shoes were cool to hang with the boys in, but also crossed the genre of cholas………gotta love Nike’s ability to transcend mediums.
Nike Air More Uptempo in White

Mary Jane Doc Martens
Since I was only 10, it would be inappropriate for me to wear the combat boots, which were very popular at this time. I was in 3rd/4th grade mind you. All the eighth graders had the combat lace-ups, while I owned these. I used to play kickball in them because, well I’m BAD ASS.
(image via ebay)

High Heeled Skechers. Now let me just tell you, these are REALLY REALLY hard to find. I can’t even find a picture anywhere on the internet (yet) that all my friends used to wear. But I did own these in 6th grade, and they were actual shoes that BABY SPICE WORE. I was really really obsessed with the spice girls. I had all the dolls, shoes, clothes, Chuppa Chupps, collectable gum and collectable stickers, cd, movie, live show, cd single, poster, and magazine cutouts. I just found a tight spice girls mirror I found in the garage that will be pleasantly sitting on my dresser at home. I still don’t know why I don’t own SpiceWorld on DVD yet.
Looking back now, they kind of look like Shape-ups, but believe me they were and ARE so cool. I owned this exact pair.

I had these wooden Dr. Scholls heels, that were a throwback to the 1970s. I owned these before I even knew what vintage was. I remember shopping at Macy’s with my mom in 6th grade and she saw them and told me how she used to own them when she was a teenager, and of course I thought they were cool. I remember wearing them to the end of year class pool party. The rad thing is, I found a pair at a thrift store 4 years ago in Pleasanton so now I can relive me and my mom’s childhood everyday, only this new pair doesn’t have a heel.

Oh God, remember Airwalks before Payless bought out the company? Actually, I specifically remember kids in my 3rd grade class wearing both the real airwalks and the knock-offs (which contained no logo) which were sold at Payless. Irony, right? I never got a pair because I remember my brother telling me they were lame. That’s probably the only safe fashion advice he has ever given me.

I really need to scan the pictures of when I used to dress like Courtney Love…….I was obsessed with her back when I was a baby. Weird how I was so into things that I had no idea about. Like how was it that my mom used to let me dress like Courtney Love? There was this one black babydoll dress I had that she wore on the cover of Spin Magazine that I actually owned. (Please keep in mind that I was literally in 4th grade)
I really don’t get why I can’t be as cool as I was then now. Oh well, what can you do.

Da wonder years.


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