Night of the Living Creeps

So………….. I just acquired these shoes yesterday via the interweb.
(shoes by 80%20)

“Why,” you may ask? Because I’m Bad-Ass.

Creepers are blowin’ up all over the land. Never thought I’d see Anna Wintour approve of those hot-topic, raver-going, british living, anarchist lovin, ugly as shit shoes going in the pages of Vogue. But, what? Oh yes they are. Every guy I know hates when I wear my TUK ones, but I love ’em. And now I have a high-heeled version to add to my collection! (Wish I had the prada espadrille-rainbow rubber-platform ones, but alas I am not rich and cannot justify nor afford such spendings.)


Now please take a moment, for the small chronic  creeper break..


prada creepers


alexander wang

vans creepers

<3<3<3these are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

katy perry in jeffrey campbell creepers

Please note how in the last scene Gaga is wearing dem..


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