faux xmas list

Now that it’s christmas time people are always asking me, “what do u want for christmas?” it’s funny because I want stuff all year but for some reason when I am put on the spot I just can’t think of what I really want, and can only come up with random stuff I don’t actually need but would be neat to own but would probably never waste the money on yourself.
So here, ladies and gentlemen is the stuff i don’t really need but wouldn’t mind getting for Xmas list:

a hello kitty mop? sure, why not. i have nothing really to mop, but who couldn’t use a hello kitty mop?


and while we’re at it, why not a hello kitty display showcase for food figurines?

Oh, I’m gonna keep rolling with the hello kitty so don’t worry.
how about this Hello Kitty collaboration with Girl Skateboards and Mike Carroll Skate Deck to hang on my wall?

..and this matching shirt?

car seatbelt shoulder cushion

tooth earrings here

this jonathan adler pipe match striker to sit on the mantle i don’t have

a jonathan adler peacock lollypop holder

a taco cosmetic pouch

lady gaga prayer candle

lady gaga coffee table book

classic devo novelty hat


budweiser dress

(from ebay)

King Diamond Tee’s

That’s it for now..


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