i did a little christmas shopping today, and couldn’t resist buying a few things for myself..oh and let me just say valentino is killing it right now (never thought i’d say that) they’re shoes with the patent leather bows and studs, and then the matching leather handbags with heaving metalwork studs all over it are TO DIE FOR. i really need them. now if only i had an extra $5,000.00 laying around…hachacha! i took a pic of the shoes at nordstrom…fabulous!

oh these shoes are just $995



















these purses are making me die right now!
i cant find pictures online to post but if u go to u can look at the pictures of the beautiful studded satchels that make me want to drool all over them!
here’s some more valentino spring 2011 glory

oh, and can i just say some lady let her sons run around the designer shoes department and were trying on every display miu miu and gucci shoe there, i was rather disgusted by the lack of authority by the mother. on another note, when the one 9 yr old saw the ysl pony hair pump he exclaimed to his mom “whoa! look! i am finally seeing this in person after seeing so many pictures for it” hmmm…

oh and since when does nordstrom carry tarina tarantino? say whaaaaaaaa



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