old post that never posted

So I need to start updating this blog more because I may start a new part time gig writing a Sacramento fashion blog which would lead into a position writing for a printed local magazine. Tight. I guess I will have to start taking pictures of strangers so I need to get used to going up to people.

Last night we went to Golden Bear and saw Dustin Dollin and his Aussie posse. They were walking out as we were walking in. I guess they are in town for some whack skateboard shop demo. It’s weird how I used to be all up in that stuff and now I couldn’t care less.

On a different note, I am going to LA this weekend for my friend from college’s wedding. Eric and I are driving down Friday. I am starting a list of stores I would like to hit up while in the area..
So far I have
Betsey Johnson outlet in Camarillo, Opening Ceremony (although I am aware I will not be able to afford anything there), Tarina Tarantino, WASTELAND(of course), Joyrich (actually I dont really care as much as I used to about checking out that place), popkiller, tokyoLA, and hmm….I dont know what else. Last time I went to LA was two years ago and I remember I really wanted to check out the Supreme store to see what all the hoopla was all about so I ran in real quick, and wasn;t that impressed. Notice how fast trends change? I remember 2006-2008 Supreme was the shizzzz. now I never even see anyone care about that place or where their shit. oh well, I dont really care. Right now Wayne’s World is one TV and I am lounging in my robe before I have to go to work.

I don’t really like lady gaga but I really like these glasses.

like REALLY WANT these


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