la trip

SO i just got back from LA sunday night. Audrey’s wedding was SOOOO much fun. things got crazy when the man with a tray full of shots went around. There was a photobooth and my friends and i took way too many pictures in, but was great. I regret not having a camera the whole trip 😦 I think i should just splurge and buy a nice new nikon one, especially since i will need it if i start the sactorialist. ANYWAY, back to the trip…half way driving to la eric noticed that we had left our garment bag full of my dresses for the wedding and his pants and top. f our lives. There was no way i was gonna turn around and go back to get the stuff. I thought we could improvise and just buy new clothes. so friday we got in to town and went straight to the grove while waiting for my christina (who we were staying with that night) to get off work. We found Eric some nice pants at Banana Republic and then I got to check out their nordstrom and the Barney’s co-op. We then reunited with C.Lazz and went to the rehearsal dinner at Mccormick and schmicks. Open bar and tons of yummy appetizers followed by a three course meal. Um, YES PLEASE! After, Christina, Eric and I went to the “other Room” this bar in Vencie because it was First Friday and aric bought me a $7 beer.

back at christina’s for slumber..

The next day we woke up and eric and i said peace out to christina and her cat tabby (whom she has a name of on her back) and went straight to Melrose ave, my most favorite place, where all the cool boutiques are and my favorite ever, the village idiot. My sandwich was so bomb, I cant stop thinking about it…..

Then I bought some out of control Jeremy Scott for Adidas skeleton pants. How could I resist? I bought the last pair they had and they just happened to be in my size. coincidence? or destiny?
I would have bought the top too, but they didn’t have my size

Then I ran into the betsey johnson, tarina tarintino, joyrich, and wasteland on the strip. Didn’t feel the need to purchase anything there though.

It turned out eric and i were super pressed for time so we booked it across town to the Santa Monica 3rd st promenade to find me a dress for the wedding that was to commence in two hours in pasadena, which is 30 minutes away. Eric and I ended up finding outfits at the new nordstrom that opened up there that ended up being better than our original outfits..SCORE! We were running late to the wedding and we couldnt find which parking structure at the mall we parked in, then we did and had to sit in hella traffic. Didn’t have time to check into the hotel to shower and change so we ended up getting ready at a Chevron on the way. HELLA CLASSY STATUS. Anwyas, by the time we got their we were greeted with mariachis and everything was chill.
Wedding time was fun with a lovely ceremony followed by an open bar and all you could eat mexican food. SO GOOD. I wish I could go back in time and eat all that.

I passed out on the shuttle bus to take everyone back to the hotel. go figure, the last shot and beer i had were completely unnecessary.

We stayed at the courtyard marriott in downtown pasadena and it was so nice! Eric and I are officially fans. The bed was HUGE and there was a flat screen and microwave and fridge and fold out couch. The room ended up being cheaper than the ghetto one above the porn arcade in sf.

So sunday morning eric and i rose from the dead and went to hollywood. i couldn’t really think of where else to go. I got to visit the the cobrasnake store at the hollywood and highland mall. it was like my dream store. They had cool artwork by shepard fairrey (sp, sorry i know i suck) jeremy scott archive collections, weird vitg clothes, etc. I got a free uffie shirt for buying some artwork by the la street artist alex. Ill post a pic later of it.

(the hollywood sign if u zoooooom in x100000000000)

We went to amoeba and it was so huge it was overwhelming.
(sick pillow mural art on the side of amoeba)

we walked down the street then to the urban outfitters space 15twenty and it was not what i thought it would be. i originally thought it was going to be a boutique showcase for up and coming designers, but it was just a regular u.o. hella unamusing. E and i ended up getting on the rode shortly after because we couldnt think of anything else amusing to do. We got home around 11:30 sunday night. driving on the 5 at night hella sucks. never again. oh and we stopped like twenty times at every fastfood place you could think of because we were bored hungry.

now its tuesday and i have to start work again. vacationing is really eye opening and helps put things in perspective. i want to start working harder and try and see were my job will take me, be it still here in sac, or somewhere else in a far off land.


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