Marc Jacobs
Ruffled-Trim Bloomer Shorts

These need to be my “go-to” shorts for the summmer.

Alas, they are $625.00

You can purchase them here
more ruffles!

oh, and this designer sale at barneys is blowing my mind right now…

Alexander Wang 1/2 off

Helmut lang leather leggings like 60% off

go here……godspeed!


this is hella tight

dont mind the dreadlock rasta, the jacket is TIGHTTTTTTTTTT!!!

ANDDDDDDD its on sale!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! what to do what to do

but srsly im trying to buy this sick gucci purse at work right now. hellza brokestyle
in all this time planning how i will afford these clothes in between billz and rent i failed to factor in oh yeah, i might need to eat somewhere in the middle of all this! weeeeeeeeeeeee!


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