Just thought I’d put this out there..

There’s a term sometimes used for a gangbanger who stirs up trouble online: Facebook driller. He rolls out of bed in the morning, rubs his eyes, picks up his phone. Then he gets on Facebook and starts insulting some person he barely knows, someone in a rival crew. It’s so much easier to do online than face-to-face. Soon someone else takes a screenshot of the post and starts passing it around. It’s one thing to get cursed out in front of four or five guys, but online the whole neighborhood can see it—the whole city, even. So the target has to retaliate just to save face. And at that point, the quarrel might be with not just the Facebook driller a few blocks away but also haters 10 miles north or west who responded to the post. What started as a provocation online winds up with someone getting drilled in real life.

Great article on wired





ay! mane

just thinking outloud, but ever notice how a lot of “anti-religious” ppl and atheists even for that matter are really into the virgin mary? like be it tattoos or art or whatever. i think it’s quite strange. i mean, i love her, shes mai gurl. but like, im not da one denouncing god lol.











but on second thought, maybe it’s the same as me being so fascinated with the devil. (omg im not a devil worshipper ,lol) but it really does draw my attention and i do like things involved with that stuff. because you know, the devil is real DOE.




(lol this post was hella random LOLOLOLOLOL)

i really don’t understand supreme sometimes

like the shit they get away with selling to people, MEN for that matter.
so here is a fall 2012 supreme sweater (note: FOR MEN)

and here’s your typical Betsey Johnson (RIP) floral pattern that she uses repetitively on all her designs for decades:

like wtf. u think a guy ever thought about wearing a floral fucking sweater before? nope. but supreme makes one, so now: yup.

i do, however really want this jacket with original artwork by mark gonzales on the back:

and while i’m @ it, dis too:

Roksanda Ilincic x Hot Dog On a Stick Collaboration Pre-Fall 2012

So this is Roksanda Ilincic Pre-Fall 2012














And this is Hot Dog on a Stick uniform:







When I was in high school my friend and I really wanted to work at hot dog on a stick for a summer. I always thought the uniforms were so cool, and the whole concept of the company. Making hot dogs with ur hair in a bee-hive tucked under a weird ass vintage looking hat? Doing the hot dog on a stick dance to make lemonade?? so DOPE RIGHT! alas, we never worked there and I am bummed. But for $1560 that dress could be mine. (That’s probably more than i would have made working a whole summer at HDOAS) :-/


so i was reading one of the blogs i like to read, stopitrightnow. and i happen to stumble upon a post of a new see by chloe keychain. hmmm, this looks oddly familiar. oh, that’s because i have had that same exact keychain for over a year that i got at a thrift store in scotts valley. 

Here, this See by Chloe one retails for $125


peep it here


this is mine:


it’s also leather, only the zippers are silver and not gold. lol, i definitely did not pay $125.

it’s funny because i always thought that keychain was obnoxious. designers are silly, though.




(thanks for the tip stopitrightnow)

dino jr nike bebez

these shoes are so old. and im actually trying to downsize my sneaker collection by 75%, but i think these shoes are even cooler now, then when they came out!! they are still about $100 on ebay used. which is still a lot of money if you ask me, considering they aren’t in new condition. but whatever, my search will still continue. (PS i need them in a men’s 7.5 or 8)

HOWEVER, whilst looking for said shoes…i was lucky enough to stumble upon these amzing beauties:

these just may in fact be the most insanely awesome knock-off bootleg shoes ever made.

they are on sale for $100 from $200, which is still way too much money for anything that is fake. but still!!! if someone gave these to me, or they were available for about $50 id buy them in a heartbeat.



don’t get it twisted

so i haven’t really been on the shopping and the “know” about all the clothes that specific companies and designers are carrying. so this weekend i went to union square for some shopping with my mom for mother’s day. i stopped at longchamp and technically  impulse purchased the jeremy scott x longchamp bones piliage bag. i actually have been wanting it for the past two years, so that’s why it isn’t really impulse bought, but at the same time i should have waited a couple weeks to buy it when my funds were a lil better but –oh well!

so ANYWAYS, i went to a few other stores and people kept asking me if i was wearing this jacket from zara. i wouldn’t care ordinarily, and im not trying to be a snob about it, but the jacket i was wearing was a veda jacket i bought last year. i have put on here before how the man repeller coincidentally has the same jacket as me too, it honestly doesn’t matter. but the fact every time lately i have been wearing this jacket and people think its the zara one gets annoying. i had no idea what the jacket looked like, i assumed it was just a random jacket with leather sleeves, but then i go my morning email from r29 and this girl is we wearing it. and wouldn’t you know it does look like my jacket!! ughh…too bad this jacket is knocking off mine, and people don’t know that. OH WELL. this post might sound snobby, but it really isn’t. i mean, my jacket was super expensive but i got it super cheap, and it’s just the fact that whenever u have the original of something and someone else makes a knock off version and people have no clue that there was an original that get’s annoying. this is the case for really anything. even bands experience this. but yeah whatever. i think the zara one is cheezy with the buttons and such. and my jacket is way thicker and warmer anyways.

and why can’t i stop listening to this song on repeat. so random. i listened to it 12 times on repeat before i went to bed last night.. i have issues, for real…